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Since 2010, Noah Wilson-Rich, Ph.D. and his team of researchers, beekeepers, and students have been collecting data on honey beehives. They tracked metrics relating to bee health, such as honey production and overwinter survival. Remarkably, beehives in urban areas consistently produce more honey and also survive the winter at higher rates, compared to beehives in the nearby countrysides. Cities are now seen as sanctuaries for bees.

For more information about Noah’s work, check out his TED talks online, including, “Why every city needs healthy honey bees” at TEDxBoston 2012, and “Our future with bees” at TEDxBoston 2014. These talks presented data from urban beehives, and instructed the world with how to build bee hotels as habitat for native pollinators, respectively. Noah’s book, The Bee: A Natural History (Princeton University Press) is another teaching tool for engaging students of all ages with how bees can be used to advance STEM education.


This program is offered through our affiliated 501(c)3 nonprofit Urban Beekeeping Laboratory and Bee Sanctuary, in collaboration with The Best Bees Company’s beekeeping services across eight cities nationwide, including Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In short summary, this is a sponsor-a-beehive program, where select corporations and family foundations may sponsor honey beehives with full beekeeping management services throughout community gardens, schools, libraries, non-profits, farms, and low-income communities. This brings more pollinators to each area, and with them more fruits, vegetables, and honey. Bees are dying nationwide and this is a way to get more bees out there.


For their contribution, sponsors receive direct marketing opportunities by having corporate logos or other messages laser-engraved onto each wooden beehive, as well as full social media marketing efforts. All contributions are tax-deductible, another benefit to your bottom line. Furthermore, donors can view maps of 1,500+ currently available sites, and accomplish targeting marketing for which neighborhoods to sponsor, thereby increasing a corporation’s visibility directly in the neighborhood, in a way that directly benefits each community.

Bee Sanctuary sites are the next step in corporate sustainability for brands that have already made significant advancements with bee health. This program engages the community by transforming underutilized lands into bee habitats, where the general public can come and engage with educational sessions, all beside beehives with clear corporate messaging laser-etched on them.

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